General Information

Before the treatment session

Please ask your vet to complete our Vet’s Referral Form prior to your dog’s first session (this can be emailed to or handed into the centre) at least one day prior to arrival.
◆ Do NOT feed your dog three hours prior to a session.
◆ Do NOT bring your dog if they have had diarrhoea within two days of a session.
◆ Bitches must not swim within three weeks, or during, their season.
◆ Please arrive five minutes prior to your appointment time.

  • Please check with reception that it is ok to bring your dog in to the centre on arrival. This prevents possible injuries to venerable patients and reduces possible conflicts.
  • All patients must enter on a lead (even if your dog is very well behaved).
    Please ensure that your dog has relieved itself prior to entry into the premises
    Please read our notes on health & safety under terms and conditions.

During the session

We are happy for you to stay and watch your dog in the pool (and we like you to participate in encouraging your dog when necessary).

◆ All dogs will be provided with buoyancy aid and swimming collar
◆ Cleanliness – if your dog defacates, please clean up.

After the session

◆ Please shower your dog after the swim (if timings allow your therapist will shower your dog).
◆ There is an air-dryer on site, although some nervous dogs prefer towels. Please bring your own towels.
◆ Ensure the dog is dried thoroughly after the swim, especially in colder weather
◆ Do NOT feed your dog for at least an hour after the swim
◆ A five minute swim is believed to be equivalent to a five mile walk, so please do not exercise your dog after a session
◆ Keep the dog warm and comfortable